When you’re social commitment is alive, your values and performance are your winning cards.
Answer to many issues: reduce the stress in the office, remove psychosocial risks, support equality between men and women, consider the sociological trends and anticipate the needs of new generations, creating innovative dynamics on site, giving attractiveness to your business, improving the work environment, developing and retaining employees, increasing availability and performance of teams.

For employees: Break free from time-consuming tasks, concentrate on your function and on your relatives.

At the workplace, by phone or mail, services accessible to all: dry cleaning, personal services , wellness services , assistance, advice , reservation.

A team dedicated to your company: a personal relationship with our members, a relationship of trust and proximity, absolute confidentiality.

The quality of services at the right price: trained and experienced personal assistants, recognized specialists partners, negotiated prices for the benefit of our members.

A simple and transparent operation: a monthly subscription for companies, with the choice of a payment method; debit or credit card.

Luxury concierge services: