Everyday Services

Food shopping, fruits and vegetables basket: you do not have the ability to do your shopping but you want to eat high quality garden produce as well as local products; now you have an option. We can go food shopping for you and deliver at the place of your choice.
Wines, spirits, pastries, chocolates and delicatessen: you are invited to a dinner and don’t want to turn up empty handed. We’ll buy you wine under the advice of our sommelier, a box of chocolates, some pastry or more to avoid any inconvenience.

Flowers purchase and delivery: a bouquet of flower required, it will be delivered according to your taste.

Cobbler: a damaged shoe or a key copy are no longer something that you have to worry about. We collect and return them once the work is done.
Tailor: A zip or a hem to repair; we recover all of your clothes with the finest retouching and seams.

Pharmacy: No time to wait for your turn at the pharmacy? Give us your order and we will pick up your medicines or any other health product.

Independent contractor home visit: if you purchased a household electrical good, a furniture, or you expect a plumber, you no longer need to take a half day off. We will be at your home to welcome the contractor during your absence and ensure a smooth delivery or installation.

Private concierge services: