Spring Clean Your Car


The days got longer and the weather warmed up. That can only mean one thing:
it’s time to spring clean your car!

Winter it’s already an old memory for all of us, but not for your vehicle. It’s probably the harshest season for cars, owing to salted roads, vicious temperature swings, potholes, ice and neglect. That’s why for different driving conditions and changing seasons we propose special packages to wipe away the grime and put back in top shape your 4 wheels-baby.

Here’s this spring specials:

COMFORT cleaning package:

Bodywork manual cleaning;
Windows and windshield cleaning;
Passenger compartment vacuum;
Seats and carpet spot removal;
Leather and fabrics treatment;
Finishing touches.

PREMIUM cleaning package:

Comfort package +
Bodywork wax;
Engine compartment cleaning.

Our cleaning and detailing services will clean all surfaces thoroughly, yet gently, with the finest wash products to remove all debris inside and out.

You must remember that regularly scheduled professional car washing is essential to maintain the appearance of your vehicle and to protect it against everyday use and the elements, including harmful UV rays.

This promotion is valid until 15/06/2015, pick up the phone right now and schedule an appointment!

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